Adore Cosmetics Presents: ICON EDITION

Adore Cosmetics ICON EDITION

Within the past few years, Adore Cosmetics has garnered a lot of attention from experts in the cosmetics industry, beauty bloggers and writers, and the Hollywood elite. Now, Adore brings you ICON EDITION, a brand new line at a more affordable price range.

Adore Cosmetics have been featured in publications such as US Weekly, Glamour and Byrdie, and celebrities like Erin Heatherton, Chelsea Handler, Olivia Culpo and Shanina Shaik proudly enjoy Adore's vast line of products.

And Adore's luxury line of cosmetics is now introducing a new line of cosmetics that has been developed with the same plant stem cell technology and commitment to beauty as Adore Organics. This new line, ICON EDITION, features products such as cleansers, masks, and even treatment oils – everything needed for a complete skin rejuvenation treatment, at a lower price.

"The best part about this cosmetics line is that it has been created with the millennial generation in mind. The Adore Cosmetics team understands how busy millennials are and how their income could sometimes be restricted by factors outside of their control," said Shay Segev, Adore Cosmetics President.

For that reason, Adore Cosmetics wanted to develop a brand that utilizes the same stem cell technology and anti-aging properties and features as the brand's earlier products, while staying in a price range this new generation of beauty enthusiast could afford.

The all-new Adore Cosmetics ICON EDITION line of products can be found on Adore's website or at one of Adore's stores around the globe.

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About Adore Cosmetics: Adore Cosmetics offers innovations in organic skin care products powered by plant stem cells and other beauty-boosting ingredients. Adore products are designed to promote beauty, help reverse the signs of aging, and restore a youthful glow to the skin by harnessing the power of nature.

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